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The importance of team meetings

Meeting are one of the most used social tools across the human history. In any company, the team meetings must be productive, inclusive, and collaborative. And trust me, it is a true challenge to accomplish it.

The meetings are the space where the collaborators gather, share ideas, feedback and learn from each other. Also, the meetings have a terrible reputation with people inside the company. If your company has meetings just for the sake of having them, then you are waisting valued time of ever…

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5 tips

5 tips for a great Sprint planning Meeting

A successful Sprint depends on effective Sprint Planning. Here are five tips to making your Sprint planning as effective and efficient as possible.


1. Prepare with Backlog Refinement workshops

A well-prepared and prioritized backlog is the primary input to Sprint planning. Backlog Refinement is where we confirm that backlog items (Stories) meet the Definition of Ready. Most teams run a recurring Backlog Refinement workshop several days before the Sprint starts. And the Product Owner must do her/h…

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How to Run Effective Team Meetings

Here are some tips on how you can make sure to always have an effective and engaging team meeting.

1. Have a Clear Agenda

It's quite important to have a purpose for each meeting, otherwise it might become a time waster for your team. What is the purpose of your team meeting? What do you want to share during the meeting? Is it beneficial for everyone? What do you want to come out of the meeting?

2. Determine Who Should Attend

Now that you know your meeting’s purpose, who do you think should be in the…

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