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Tackling the Destructive Power of a Lack of Accountability  

Is your organization facing challenges with missed deadlines, lack initiative, and decreased work quality? Are inefficiencies, waste, and frustration on the rise? If so, it may be time to reassess how your company culture manages and utilizes accountability within your teams.

The absence of accountability carries a significant financial cost, directly affecting the organization's profitability and performance. 

In our experience, accountability is often treated as a taboo word, shunned or avoided in discussions. However, high-performing organizations recognize the crucial significance of accountability and make a deliberate, conscientious effort to openly acknowledge its profound impact on individual, team, and organizational-level performance.

Here are 3 important facts about accountability we help our clients understand:

  • Accountability can not be delegated: Outcomes vs Responsibility - Delegate Responsibilities to a task. You Own the Outcomes!

  • Lack of Accountability hates transparency: Transparency is a super power every leader should be able to have and know how to use.

  • Follow through and commitment: Make the connection with accountability explicit and as soon as possible.

"Over the years assisting clients in enhancing business-strategy-execution and alignment, we consistently find that accountability emerges as a paramount concern for executives in every instance."

"Fortunately the issue of accountability is not new; what's unfortunate: that it is often ignored"

Leadership bears a direct role and responsibility in addressing this issue, emphasizing that accountability is not designated to a particular department or limited as a special project.

My favorite quote about this topic is: "Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results."  -Bob Proctor

HBR Published Article by Sarah Jensen Clayton: "The Six Signs Your Corporate Culture is a Liability" provides more light into the need of been intentional about building and leveraging culture for long term sustainability of the business.

Learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of having an accountability framework that adds to the bottom line.

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